What Game Last Night?

Tukka Rask-in-a-tor.

Here's some actual footage of Carey Price before the game:

Okay so the excuse for last nights breakdown was that Tukka Rask played an amazing game.  Is 20 saves really THAT amazing?  I mean, some of the saves he made were huge, but in partial, the Habs could not find the back of the net, or in Pleks case, the vicinity of the net.

We destroyed the Bruins for the first 20 minutes of the game.  It was an all out beat down in our barn.  Speed, finesse, and battling for chances.  It was a glorious time.

Then in the second period PK Subban (thanks to a tip), popped in a weak shot to open the scoring up 1-0 for Montreal.  Tweets included 'easy on the celebration PK' to all out racism from the south side of the border.  Not sure when the racist tweets will stop after Subban goals, but there are some very ignorant Bruins fans out there.

Skip ahead to the start of the 3rd period something horrible happened in the first four minutes and it was  suddenly 2-1 Bruins.  Call it a breakdown, call it going to sleep, it was tough to watch.  With all the build up to the game it felt wrong to be losing to the Bruins.  After the 1-0 lead going into the 3rd period it almost felt we were meant to win the game, but not to be so.  

The look on our faces last night when the final horn blew.
The good news is that we have a chance to rebound tonight against Buffalo, who are sure to be fired up after Saturday's beat down in Montreal.  Despite having to face a team who is going to fired up at least we have never had this as our logo:

Who designed this thing?!
Game time is 7:00 PM in Buffalo folks.  Visit Die By The Blade for all your pre-game Sabres coverage.  Yes, Sabres fans still exist.  And just for kicks:

Go Habs Go!



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