Sens Recap: Trustache and Corey Perry

The Macleanian One aka The Paulrus aka Mike Watson look-a-like strikes again with a perfect game plan resulting in a 3-2 win for the Sens.

Randy Carlisle has his Leafs playing well right now despite having Ben Scrivens as their number 1 goaltender. Carlisle has his teams play a dump and chase style game with an aggressive forecheck. This style matches up perfectly for the puck possession Senators. Oh your going to give the puck to us? thanks we enjoy having control of the puck. The leafs couldn't really get anything going all night because they couldnt get control of the puck in the Sens zone.

How else did Maclean out coach Carlisle? He created a line of Greening-Zibanejad-Condra that scored all 3 goals and combined for 7 points in the game. Greening has spent much of the season on a checking line with Smith and Neil but was ill suited for that style of play. With his new line, they controlled the flow of the game and created scoring chances by driving the net. Case in point the last goal of the game WITH 23 SECONDS LEFT! Zbad wins a faceoff (which he sucks at by the way) Wiercoch shoots and Greening is there fucking with Scrivens and batting a puck out of mid air to seal a Senators win. Trustache baby!

PS Erik Condra has the most efficient forecheck I have ever seen in a hockey player. His ninja forecheck combined with his defensive spidey senses result in him picking pockets from behind on regular occurrence  intercepting passes you never thought were possible and pressuring guys until they have no time or space left and forcing a bad play. Awesome stuff.

On To Corey Perry

The more I think about Corey Perry the more I realize he is an absolute perfect fit for the Senators resulting in the collective hockey boners of all Sens fans. Corey Perry was drafted by Bryan Murray when he was with the Ducks so we know they have a some kind of pre existing relationship. The Senators have tons of cap room to add a big money player. We also know the Senators want to add an elite player by their interest in Rick Nash last summer. Perry is from kind of nearby Peterborough and has some family in Ottawa. Perry would get to play on a line with elite playmaker Jason Spezza. Yes Spezza is an elite playmaker Monsieur AngryHabsFan. Should Perry be acquired in a trade Ottawa has the prospects and picks to get a deal done. Its all such a perfect fit.



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