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My fellow AngryHockeyFans have dropped off the face of the earth.  The Sens won last night and so did the Canucks.  Where are the victory dances out of the Ottawa and Vancouver bureau?  The Habs lose, and I'm hear to answer for it.  Heck, we were two goals away from ice cream covered ladies gracing the cover of this blog.  Sadly, it still has not happened.

How did they blow two leads last night?  Especially 3-1 against the Islanders.  Tavares OT pass was probably the highlight of the night on TSN this morning, so whatever, Hickey deserved that goal.  But blowing those leads to the New York Islanders is tough to swallow.  It's safe to say that the travel fatigue of going to New York this week finally settled in.  Last nights game should have been played in Brooklyn, but that's an issue for the league offices to address.  Why is nobody else on the internet pissed about this?  Screw you NHL, you cost us a point!

A loss to the New York Islanders is just downright sad, but holding onto first place in the East wasn't all so awful.  We got a point.  At the beginning of this week I said if the Habs could manage six points out of 8 I would be satisfied.  That means an OT loss or win Saturday will continue to make me HappyHabsFan, at least for the near future.

To fill your hockey voids tonight I can suggest three things.  Drinking your memoires of last night away.  Watch the Oscar nominated film 'Argo' that just came out on Blu-Ray this week, or catch San Jose in Chicago.  Can they keep it rolling in the windy city?  Gametime is 8:30 PM.



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