How's Your Day Going Sens Fans?

If you love something, let it g....screw you Therrien!

Boy did we have something to tweet about last night!  On the day the Ottawa Senators attempted to revoke access to their games to rival fans their top player went down with a severe cut to his achilles tendon.  Usually those types of injuries are career ending, either directly or indirectly by taking away the players former abilities to perform.  Since I'm not a Sens fan I really don't care about the future of the organization, I hope they tank this year.  On a personal level I hope Karlsson is able to carry on with a normal life after he recovers from last nights surgery.

Now that we have that out of our system we do have a game tonight of our own in Florida.  And guess what, Budaj basically got the boot from the team today when the Habs released a media statement saying that we have acquired Dustin TOKARSKI.  If you live in Canada you will understand why his name in cap locks.  If you don't, watch this video:


I'm not 'Pierre McGuire excited' about the acquisition, most Canadian world junior goalies end up showing a glimmer of promise and then dying off into the sunset (unless of course we are talking about Carey Price...the guys in Vancouver & Pittsburgh are okay too I suppose).

Last time the Habs met Florida this year the story was the return of Kovalev to Montreal.  Tonight, who really cares about the guy.  Other than Johnathan Huberdeau what future do these guys have?  I know I know they made the playoffs last year, but look at their division.  And why is Winnipeg still in the SouthEast this year?  I thought we were going to fix that so outsiders do not think our league is geographically challenged.

Regardless, puck drop is at 7:30 PM on TSN-Habs.  I hope you made your dinner reservations early fellas, we have a game to watch.  Happy Valentines Day.

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