Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Hockey Day In America

Well, really didn't expect to beat the Flyers by 3 goals, but we'll take it.

For the majority of the game the Habs totally dominated the Flyers in every aspect.  Other than a few interesting power plays the game was extremely lopsided.  Heck, Budaj even played pretty good in net (when he was needed).

The one goal Philly did score bounced about a thousand different ways before finally finding its way through Budaj's legs.  I may have over reacted on twitter:

I got no twitter klout for that one...

Just before that happened PK Subban (aka Mr. Selfish) made a HUGE diving save to keep the game 2-0 for your Habs.  Suck on that French media (& myself).

What's really awesome is how we keep out shooting teams game after game.  This never happens, even when we used to be a great hockey teams a couple years ago Halak was always getting pounded with enough rubber to create a tire factory.  We miss you, Halak....sorta of...don't let Carey see this.

Habs are back at it tomorrow against the Hurricanes, who are the top seeded team in the South East Division.  Let's keep our awesome record up of destroying teams in this division.

Until then it's hockey day in america and the big match is the Kings vs. Blackhawks at 3.30 PM.

Enjoy the game folks, meanwhile in America:



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