Body Shots

Last night I decided that I would take a break mid-way through the Habs game to watch President Obama's state of the union address.  When I left the game it was 3-0 for our Habs and I figured the team was in good hands(because I am a total luck charm).  When I returned to the game around 10:15 PM OT was about to start.  I had literally missed about 15 minutes of the game and apparently all hell broke lose.  What is with this team not being able to hold onto a lead in the 3rd period!  Think about it.  We could have beat the Bruins AND the Sabres last week if we didn't collapse.  We might of even beat the Leafs if we didn't collapse after the opening face off.  Somehow this team needs to find a way to keep it together for 60 minutes and not go to sleep.  We are a solid hockey team this year, and probably deserve to be a lot higher in the standings, which is why this is so frustrating.  We gave a point up last night to the Lightning, which is okay right now, but later in the season those points can sting and in the last week we have given up quite a few.  And remember we only play Eastern Conference teams this year, so every point matters in every game because every team you play is fighting for 8 playoff spots in the conference.

On a lighter note watch this weird fight last night that Moen got into.  Body shots anyone?




We are fucked