Big Bad Bruins

Photo Credit: If Toys Could Talk
Things sure are firing up the blogosphere this afternoon with the highly anticipated match of Boston vs. Montreal tonight in the Bell Centre.

EOTP is sharing a comment section tonight with Bruins fans during the game.  Never before have fans had the opportunity to hate on each other online during a game.'s called Twitter?  Thank you.

I mean, do people actually sit on message boards during hockey games and talk to other people?  Whatever happened to watching the game on tv or at a bar.  I myself am a hootsuite hockey fan where I follow 3 feeds during habs games.  1. The folks I follow. 2. Hockey Journalists 3. #habs.  It works out quite well and gives a good perspective on the game.  The twitpics from lady fans can be quite worth your time guys.

Before Twitter took off I was basically the only Habs fan on there so I used the Montreal Fan Forum game day thread to follow along with the game. The people on there knew way more about hockey than I did, and it took me months to contribute anything useful to the conversation.  Around that same time I started this blog, which has changed names about four times since it's inception in 2007.  "FakeHabsBlog", "thedrivefor25isalive", "AngryHabsFan", and now "AngryHockeyFans".   I have a hard time sticking to one thing, it's no wonder I'm not a Dallas Stars fan by now.

Probably the biggest head line tonight is how many fights will there be?  Prust will fight, Moen will probably fight, but will there be more?  Will there be an unexpected dropping of the gloves from a finesse player to set the tone.  Only time will tell if something this awesome transpires.

Price will need to be stellar tonight for the Habs to be able to smash up the Bruins.  This is basically the first real test for Montreal.  New Jersey, Buffalo, and Ottawa were a bit of a scale to measure this team by, but tonight will finish off this teams potential.  Beat the Bruins, move to number one in the division.

And remember Montreal, if you don't win tonight....




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