Y'Know PK Signed

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Apparently PK Subban has the worst agent in hockey, and will be joining the Habs with a 2 year contract.  Year 1: 2 Million Year 2: 3.75 Million.  Are we all on our knees praising Bergevin yet?

This deal is amazing for the habs because when PK goes to re-sign in 2015 he is not likely going to get any more than 5-6 million a year (very similar to the Price contract).  Bergevin is a genius, at least for now.

This morning when players were asked about PK returning to the team, their answers seemed muddled and short. Apparently Markov ran around the dressing room setting things on fire in a rage, while killing a small child, but the Montreal media tends to blow things up.  

We all know there has been issue with this guy in the dressing room, but is it really that bad?  If it is that bad, and he is poison to the team, then why did Bergevin bring him back at all?

The fans who don’t want PK on the team are clearly happy with the way the team is doing now.  We’re 3-1 and that means we rock.  Not exactly. We lost to the leafs, which needs no analysis.  We beat the worst team in hockey, Florida.  We beat the second worst team in hockey, Washington.  Not exactly a good measuring stick for team success.  Against the Devils we were two goal posts away from a .500 record.  Let’s be honest, this team is not okay, yet.

The addition of PK to the lineup this weekend will help.  This has always been a team that needs help on the back end.  To those who have been saying he is a poison in the room and that Bergevin should not have signed him need not worry.  Coach Therrien will straighten him out.  If this guy is causing issues internally I do not see any issues with Therrien sitting him out for a few games.  And maybe PK will sit for a few games back into this new contract, it’s hard to say for sure.

Read the top secret script between Bergevin and PK here: http://pkists.blogspot.ca/2013/01/signed-at-last-signed-at-last-thank-god.html

Bottom line is PK is back on our cap hit and its more of a good thing then bad.


Habs are home tonight to play the Winnipeg Jets and tickets may still be out there folks: http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/montreal-canadiens/Habs+tickets+more+available/7884837/story.html

If you’re in the Montreal area buy a ticket and keep our 9 year sellout streak in tact!

Game time is 7:30 

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