Not Him Again

He's backkkk

In preparing for todays post, prior to the big game tonight at the Bell Centre versus the Florida Panthers, I decide to type the word ‘Kovalev” into Youtube.  A video popped up immediately called “Kovalev Montage.”  The video had been viewed by a few thousand people, and it was about 4 minutes long.  Before I made that fateful click I thought to myself, someday I’ll be dying and think back to that night where I watched 4 minutes of Kovalev footage on Youtube.  I closed my browser in a hot sweat.

Kovalev’s entire career has sort of been like this Youtube video. It looks really attractive at first, like you totally have to watch it, but when you get to what you think is the good part it just keeps buffering.  The unfortunate part is many NHL teams have spent more than 4 minutes with this guy.  Last night he made his return to Ottawa, tonight he makes his return to Montreal.  Will he be booed in Montreal? Probably not.  Will he be cheered? Definitely not, but if they do I’m sure it will be some sort of hipster ironic cheer to confuse the media.  Anyways, that’s just the kind of player Kovalev is. Once a month the guy decides to actually more than physically show up for a game, and put on an amazing performance. Hopefully tonight isn’t that night or our D are going to have to go fishing for their jock straps amongst the banners.

With so many good, and more plentiful awful Kovalev memories in Montreal what is your favourite? What is your least favourite?  For myself, just watching Kovalev streak in, slow down, and make a huge move to blow past the defenseman on any team and put it top shelf was a sick and amazing feeling.  Oh, and of course this. As far as least favourite moment goes it has be all those games in Montreal when he just decided to take nights off and float around the ice as a big salary cap hit.

Inconsistency is the perfect word that we will use to describe his career after his playing days are over.  For now he wears the Panthers uniform, and we’ll see which Kovalev shows up tonight in Montreal.



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