Markov Rocks My World

Four game winning streak?
Your Montreal Canadiens just ended the Winnipeg Jets three game winning streak.  The Gally boys were the 1st and 2nd star of the game.  When your rookies are performing like tonight, you know you've got some good times to look forward to.

Price looked a bit shaky in the first half, but got his stuff together late in the game when things got dicey.

*Everyone on your knees to praise glory to our saviour Andrei*

After a horrible diving call on Prusty, he rebounded the situation by drawing a couple penalties that helped the team knock the rest of the time off the clock.

Apparently the team down the highway won a game against the the Caps tonight.  More coverage on that from the AngrySensFan tomorrow, or Silver Seven Sens blog tonight.

Tomorrow night at 7 PM we do this all again in the nations capital with another Canadian team match up.  Nothing can stop our winning streak, unless Budaj gets the start.

UPDATE: Budaj named the starter for Wednesday night as per John Lu. LUUUUUUU!



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