Canucks vs Kings

Photo Credit: Toronto Sun
Last night the Canucks faced off in an all out grudge match against the Los Angeles Kings for the first time since being defeated in the first round of last years playoffs. Just like last year at the same time the Canucks are still without certainty in a starting goaltender, and so are the Kings with an ugly looking captain (I swear I'm not bitter at all) .

The Canucks started the game off not well, as the kings were all over them early on in the game, I thought I was having deja vu. Luckily they got the surprising first goal from none other than Zack Kassian who now leads the Canucks with four goals. Kassian has really had to step up his game playing on the first line with the sedin twins. He has shown us that he is able to make up for the skill that has been lost with Ryan Kesler and David Booth both being injured.


The second goal of the game came from none other than Alex Burrows, a person who has also had to step up their game since Kesler and Booth have been out. He started out with a slow start to the season but has really picked up the slack in his last few games, showing us that he can be a 2nd line force and still get the the results the Canucks need even without playing with the Sedins. The only bad thing I must say about Burrows is what was he thinking in the shootout?


To recap the game in short form the Canucks blew it in the third period with 40 some seconds left in the game and for the third time this season have blew a 2 goal lead, But hey Luongo didn't play that bad in goal! And at least they got a point form the shootout loss.

The many questions that still need to be answered are who will start in goal #1 or #35? Can both of them share the leading role and be on the top of their game? Will Lu be traded? And when is Ryan Kesler going to come to my grocery store or my Tim Hortons and give out free tickets, sign my jersey and bag my groceries? 



Angry Habs Fan said…
Vancouver will be a bubble team with a goaltending controversy. You just cannot win with a distraction like that. Teams play different styles in front of different goalies. If they cannot get in a rhythm they may be on the outside looking in this year. Especially with only 40 some games left.


We are fucked