Other Strange Tweets From NHL Accounts

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Since Twitter busted onto the Social Media media scene in 2008, brands and companies have been using it to make people more aware of their product.  In fact, National Hockey League teams each have their very own Twitter account, where they can post updates about their team.  For us in Montreal, any update about the team lately is pretty depressing.

Last week the Calgary Flames Twitter account manager had a bit of a slip up, tweeting about Ales Hemsky's contract offer being a joke.  He was trying to post this to his own Twitter account, and instead it went out under @nhlflames.  Since I always like to be ahead of the curve, I thought it might be a good idea to look at some other tweets that may be leaked from NHL Twitter accounts:

@BlueJacketsNHL: The Rangers offered us Ryan Callahan, Brandon Prust, Marc Staal, a first round pick in the next 10 drafts, the 1994 New York Rangers, and Wayne Gretzky in his prime for Nashy #notenough #whatajoke

@PghPenguins: We did nothing at the deadline, Crosby has been virtually out all year, and we're still one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. #malkinisbetterthanmario #eastisajoke

@CanadiensMTL: Damn, Setoguchi! What were you thinking?!? We're in the hunt for Yakupov. / Merde, Setoguchi! Que pensiez-vous?!? Nous sommes dans la chasse aux Yakupov.

@mnwild: Setoguchi? Never heard of him.

@NHLJets: Who would have thought that the best way to get into the playoffs is a simple name and logo change?  Every Southern U.S. team should try this....no, seriously. #Canada

@MapleLeafs: Ron Wilson has been relieved of his duties as head coach.....nah we're just kidding!!!  He's here for good!  Like forever......like ever ever... #tmltalk



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