Other Reasons Cammalleri Skipped The Game

Words that don't come to mind: Loyalty, Commitment, Trust, Team Guy 
After hearing that Mike Cammalleri was not going to be facing his former team last night, the first thing that went through my mind was, 'what a loser.'

This is a guy who gave us two solid days of sports radio coverage.  The guy calls out his own team, barely gets any minutes during the next game, disappears from said game all together, and then all of a sudden, is in a cab on the way to the airport.  

It was unprecedented gold for us in the blogging world.

So how could a guy who gave us so many headlines, bail out of last nights game?  This is the NHL, Mike, and your 'undisclosed injury' is pretty obvious.

Google defines 'Fear' as : An unpleasant emotion cause by the belief that someone, or something dangerous is likely to cause pain.  In this case, Ryan White.

Since Cammalleri isn't going to disclose his injury to us, lets examine some other reasons why Mike Cammalleri skipped last nights game against the Habs:

1. Prior to the game, Mike Cammalleri was traded to the newly formed Ontario Maple Leafs, coached by Kingston boy, Don Cherry.  Unfortunately neither the Maple Leafs or Cherry forgot their roots, and the team lost a crucial deciding playoff game due to too many men on the ice.

2. During the warm up skate, Yannik Weber threatened to "even up" Cammalleri's good leg, after cutting his other leg early in the season.

3. After over hearing Randy Cunneyworth's Marc Crawford-esque speech pre-game to Ryan White about the term 'losers,' he thought it might be a better idea to watch the game from a comfy press box, triple locked with a chair under the door handle equipped with 'the hounds' from The Simpsons protecting him.

4. Actually decided to wear the invisible cloak from the Harry Potter films while on the ice, so all in all, a typical Cammalleri hockey game.

5. Insert a stereotypical, culturally insensitive, and/or socially unacceptable joke about the Jewish faith.

6. Was afraid to be traded mid-game back to 15th place Montreal.   



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