Live Blog: Trade Deadline Day 2012

3:40PM: Couple of Canadian WJHC players from a few years ago have been dealt.

3:10PM: Gauthier really built up the draft picks today!  Can't wait to see what we get out those draft picks...NEXT summer.

3:05PM: Somewhere in Columbus city workers are quickly putting those banners back up while Rick Nash sits alone in a dark room sipping a stiff drink.

3:00PM: DEADLINE.  I have a feeling that all the deals are done.  Congrats on your moves, 3rd and 4th line guys, you ruined all of our days.

2:46PM: What's a Rick Nash??

2:31PM: Hightlight of deadline day 2012 has been the defensive acquisitions of the Norfolk Admirals.  No, seriously...

2:25PM: 35 minutes left.  There is nothing humorous about this day.   Give me anything NHL!

2:15PM: When was the last solid trade deadline day?  2007 when Ryan Smyth was traded?

2:00PM: One hour left, deals are starting to 'flood' in. Phalsson to the Canucks and Brian Lee of the Sens is going to Tampa.

1:41PM: Ladies and gentleman, Carter Aston is the saviour for the Maple Leafs.

1:25PM: Rick Nash banners in Columbus have been taken down according to Youtube.  I don't think the city of Columbus and 'banners' really go together anyway.

1:05PM: Only two more hours until we're all reminded that trades will be coming in for an additional two hours.

12:56PM: Tom Gilbert ---> Wild  Nick Schultz ---> Oilers  On February 26th= Meh
Tom Gilbert ---> Wild  Nick Schultz ---> Oilers On February 27th= BLOCKBUSTER! Lets analyze  the crap out of this for the next half hour

12:50PM: The world's worst used car salesman's has made more trades today than NHL GM's

12:43PM: Commodore to the Lightning.  Am I still awake or dreaming of trades?

12:26PM: Who would have thought Gauthier would be the only GM to deal a player by this time.

12:01PM: Whoa, we've hit the PM part of the day.  That's exciting...

11:42AM: Burke's tie is serving as a sweat towel today by the looks of it on Sportsnet.

11:24AM: So boring...It's like watching the New Jersey Devils

11:02AM: 3 hours deal..... so far this is pre....BRIAN BURKE IS TIELESS!

10:49AM: Hey, at least by 2018 we'll find out who won this Kostitsyn deal.

10:45AM: Kostitsyn for a second round pick in 2013 and a conditional 5th round pick in 2013.

10:40AM: Kostitysn is now a Nashville Predator for TBA

10:33AM: Hey, Bob Mackenzie, the words 'upstanding citizen' and 'Sergei Kostitsyn' should never be used in the same sentence.  Forget about this?

10:25AM: Rick Nash has played 4 NHL playoff games.  Considering this, he might be a good fit in Toronto?

10:15AM: Can A. Kostitysn for S. Kostitsyn NSH<-->MTL happen please.

10:12AM: Hearing Kostitsyn has been traded for either Gabriel Bourque (prospect) or Nick Spaling. SOURCE~ Wikipedia

10:07AM: TSN is reporting Montreal will be the first team to make a trade this morning.  Please be Campoli, please be Campoli.

10:00AM: Nothing but crickets....2 hours in...

9:49AM: BREAKING: Just traded my empty coffee mug for a full coffee mug.  Details of the trade: Coffee grinds, milk, and sugar have been traded in a package deal to the mug.  More to follow.

9:36AM: I remember back in 2008 when the Habs traded away Huet at the deadline.  I was stunned that they could do that to our 'star' goalie at the time.  I thought it was the dumbest trade ever made for a second round pick. Today, Huet plays in the Swiss hockey league. That's why I'm not a GM.

9:20AM: Ah, it's that time of the day where TSN rips on the Habs for an hour straight.  Thank god for 'mute' and 'recall' buttons.

9:02AM: One hour in, nothing has happened. 6 hours to keep your job, Gauthier.

8:51AM: Can Gauthier trick someone into picking up Gomez?  Like a beer league or Atom Minor Hockey Team?

8:44AM: ...nope.

8:41AM: About to roll up my rim.  Maybe there is a trade under there...

8:39AM: Can the Habs please just acquire a first round pick today?  That will make me happy.

8:24AM: Soooo, how about TSN just shows Alyonka Larionov all day??

8:14AM: An early trade!  TSN sends James Duthie to Sportsnet in exchange for Jeff Marek, Nick Kypreos, and a Ryerson journalism student.

8:04AM: ...and it's underway.  Hope TSN has some good filler until noon when the GM's actually get out of bed.

7:50AM: This Bacon Egg Sandwich on an English Muffin from Tim Hortons is heaven.

7:45AM: The biggest fear for me on any trade deadline day?  Having to throw out my Carey Price habs T-shirt.  Here's a link on how to 'trade-proof' your habs wardrobe.

7:37AM: I'm awake, got some some coffee, breakfast sandwich, and hash brown from Tim Hortons.  All set to spend the next 7 hours figuring out where Andrei Kostitsyn has been traded to.



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