Why Are 'Fans' Dictating a Culture of Losing?

If you don't want this, you suck.

The NHL has been floating the idea of a 24 team playoff format.
Under the proposed format, there would be some sort of play-in tournament for what would serve as the "real playoffs."  

When I heard this as a life long Habs fan I was ecstatic, finally for the first time in 3 years we are going to get some semblance of playoff hockey in Montreal.  This is the best news to come out of sports in months!

And then I took to Twitter and came across a bunch of alleged Habs fans who have grown up without ever seeing a Stanley Cup parade posting wild takes.  Tweets on tweets about not wanting to make the playoffs because we somehow don't deserve it.

Are you kidding me?

We didn't make up Corna rules, Corna rules are THE RULES!

As if whoever wins the Stanley Cup will need an asterisk.  Every organization is on an even playing field with this thing.  If some players don't want to isolate and follow the rules and organizations have to use AHL guys then so be it.  That's on the organization.  That won't happen in Montreal because we actually want to win. 

When you tweet you don't want to be a part of a 2020 playoff you give scumbag Toronto fans like this an inch, and they will take a mile.

For the love of all things godly, please stop tweeting like a bunch of Gen Z losers.  We don't need your loser mentality in the greatest fan base on earth!

 Oh, and when we have our 2020 Stanley Cup Parade in October of 2022, please feel free not to show up if you have been tweeting so recklessly. 


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