NWHL Totally Roasts Sportsnet, Cassie Campbell

On Monday the NWHL issued a statement in regards to comments made by Cassie Campbell of Sportsnet during the Skills Competition Friday night. The comments were:

“Well, I’ve heard different things and I’ve been kind of doing my research, and I’m no lawyer by any means, but I think what a lot of lawyers and agents are saying to these players – that they cannot now sign with the NWHL. And the reason being is that they can potentially be liable to the investors. They don’t know what kind of contracts she has signed with those investors. They don’t know if they would be liable to potentially pay those businesspeople back…I mean, they are investors – they want money back.”

What a wild take from Campbell.  I actually kind of admire her throwing herself out on a limb to make these comments.  Usually, she contributes very little to a Hockey Night broadcast. This is a great effort by her to stir the pot.

However, the clap back from the NWHL is pure gold.

The NWHL usually does not respond to untruths and damaging comments, but we feel this one should be addressed. Campbell-Pascall and Sportsnet used the occasion of a great moment for women’s hockey to float absurd lies about our league, which works every day to build a business and illustrate the value of women’s professional hockey.
So that there is no misunderstanding, the report by Sportsnet is illogical. The statement that players may be personally liable to investors in our league is inaccurate and not in line with laws in either the United States or Canada. So let us be clear: under no circumstances are NWHL players liable to NWHL investors.
We believe Ms. Campbell's rhetoric is intended to scare our current players, along with the many players considering joining or re-joining our league in the seasons to come.   
This is the ultimate Trump era textbook response.  Not only did the NWHL just body bag Campbell, they just did themselves a service of setting a tone for those looking to come after them.

You can read the full statement here.



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