Jeff Skinner An Early MVP Favorite?

  • Skinner is on pace for a point per game this season.  
  • Skinner is second in scoring on his team behind Eichel. 
  • Last season in Carolina he finished -27.  
  • He hasn't held a PLUS rating since his rookie season.
  • He is currently leading the league in +/- at 19.
  • He has 20 goals this season. Two years ago he had a career high 37.  

The Buffalo Sabres were the talk of the NHL last week with their 10 game winning streak.  Since then a handful of other teams in the East have been rolling.  They are not a team built for playoff depth, but the way Skinner has been rolling as a new addition this team should be easily able to cruise into the playoffs this spring.  

If the playoffs began today it would be a QEW series.  

The Sabres could really use a guy like Hasek for this years run.

So will Skinner win the MVP at the end of the season?  Hell no.  

If he keeps on this wicked run should he be nominated?  Absolutely. 



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