The Shape of Water Is A Great Film But...

Naturally I had to check out what The Shape of Water was all about.  In a year without a landmark film like Get Out, I think The Shape of Water would take Best Picture. 

Does The Shape of Water go toe to toe with the great movies of the year?  I think so.  I went into the movie knowing all the hype, knowing it won best picture, and I still enjoyed the movie.  That's saying something.  Usually when a movie is getting super hyped your expectations get so high that you leave saying meh.  Both Get Out and The Shape of Water are exceptions to that rule. 

How Michael Shannon wasn't nominated for his performance is absolutely insane.  Apparently he watched the Oscars from a bar in Chicago.  Good for him, he deserved better.  

The symbolism in the movie can go toe to toe with Get Out, but Get Out was just simply a better movie.  The Shape of Water feels like Avatar meets Bridge of Spies with a much stronger artistic spin.  Get Out is Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, but if it were a horror movie....on steroids.   

In 10-15 years from now nobody is going to remember Shape of Water.  I honestly feel like if AFI re does their list of 100 movies of all time Get Out has to be slotted somewhere in the Top 15.  I've never gone into an Oscars feeling so strongly about what film should win Best Picture. 




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