I Was Eliminated From League Curling Last Night

I haven't curling in a competitive league since 2005/2006.  The odd time I would spare in our competitive league, play mediocre, and then never get called back.  This winter was different.  It seems like 25 % of our club has gone south, and I got the call for the last 3 regular season games and the first playoff game of our competitive league.  This was some Tom Cochrane big leagues stuff!   

Last night was our quarter-final match up against the 3rd seeded team.  

We got down early in a 3-0 hole but battled back to a 3-3 game at the half. After 6 we were back in a hole down 5-3 needing to score 2 just to stay alive without the hammer in the last end.  Our skip made a fantastic shot to make it 5-5 heading home.  Without the hammer against the 3rd seeded team was going to be a battle. 

The entire game I was battling a headache that has been lingering with me for a few days.  By the 8th end I could have passed out from the frontal lobe pain.  In fact I still have said headache as I write this.  When I get headaches they last for days.

We head into the last end and I throw some great guard rocks but I can't draw.  I've never had good draw weight, I can hit and guard but I can't draw.  

Our next shots go deep in the house and aren't really usable.  We draw one in and sit and then the other team misses a takeout.  With guards in place all our skip has to do is throw a guard and take away the angle raise and we have all but won and are off to the Semi-Finals.  He leaves it about 2 feet wide....

On the final stone the skip for the other team nails the perfect raise from the 12 to the button and it's game over, season over.  

I felt the need to blog this as a crushing moment in this years Habs season.  Sports and me are not jiving of late.  Wonder how the golf season will go?  



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