This Weeks Don't Look Now Team - The San Jose Sharks

I actually thought pretty hard about this one.  I was thinking of giving the weekly award to the Arizona Coyotes who are on a 4 game winning streak (which is only behind Pittsburgh for longest active streak), but ultimately caved and gave it to the team with 7 wins in their last 10 games.  

Brent Burns used to be a great NHL defenseman.  Now he just feeds people the puck all night.  The guy has totally lost his ability to defend, much like that guy in Ottawa who wants to be traded.  

I'll give mad props to Logan Couture who is having a great season for the Sharks.  Vlasic and Braun and are also having great seasons out west as well.  

We all know the Sharks will never win a Stanley Cup, I don't care how many times they show up on this list.  

Since I started doing this list nearly ever team I have declared hot has stayed hot.  With this blessing the San Jose Sharks are now guaranteed to stay hot until the playoffs.  

The Sharks jersey is one I would love to own as a collectors item.  Someone send me one of these classics!

I have no idea when it may happen, but if the Montreal Canadiens are to EVER make this Wednesday thread of hot teams I need to come up with a special celebration.  IF they were to make this thread before the end of the season, after picking myself up off the floor, I'd literally jump in a freezing cold lake.  Go Tank Go!  



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