The Women's Final Is Set....

....the problem is that the final is set for 11 PM EST on Wednesday night.  Why couldn't this game be Friday night?   There is no way people are going to stay up until 2 AM to watch this game.  

I love the rivalry the women have created over the last 20 years, but you know what I love even more?  A great night of sleep.

This has been the entire story of the olympics.  Watch meaningless events all night, go to bed, wake up and check instagram to see how many medals we won over night, take a crap and watch curling.  

With the mens final set for 1 AM on a Saturday night I'd hate to declare these Olympics a throwaway, but all the great moments are happening when we are all sleeping.  It's hard to create a good headline from something nobody saw live.

Recapping the absence from the blog the last few days:

I won $80 on roulette at a casino Saturday night, took yesterday off from the internet, and today is a bizarre new February holiday.   At least we get daytime hockey.   

No podcast this weekend.

The big hockey news today that the media seems to be shying away from was the incredibly STUPID fans in Chicago the other night.  No amount of alcohol can justify how stupid these people were.  STUPID!




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