Sunday Weekend Mega Recap

Welcome to the Sunday mega thread/blog recap of everything that has happened at the Olympics in the last 48 hours.

Friday night I spent the evening watching Sebastien Toutant capture Gold in the Olympic first ever Mens Big Air snowboarding competition.  The event was essentially two hours of watching dudes make crazy jumps and flips in the air on snowboards.  If that wasn't enough, the platform they started from was basically on the moon.

Saturday AM bright and early Canada battled it out with the Czechs for the bronze medal.  Canada pulled off a win after a crazy ending to the third period, which keeps the medal streak alive in mens hockey.  The team Canada iced was basically a bunch of old guys.  Considering Team USA used the same strategy, Canada is probably lucky to have pulled off a bronze medal.  Congrats to the boys for their efforts. 

The Gold Medal game was nothing short of incredible.  The first 50 minutes of the game was classic gold medal game hockey.  Then the last 10 minutes of the 3rd period happened.  A couple of lead changes had the Russians ahead, then the Germans ahead, and the Russians finally tying the game.  I hated how Germany played in their own zone in the dying minutes of that game.  Some better hockey sense and they could pulled out a win.  

The game heads to OT at about 1:45 AM EST and it's 4 on 4.  I don't know what is wrong with playing REAL hockey until a winner can be determined.  Germany carrying the puck through the neutral zone was a thing of beauty.  I've never seen wingers that good at carrying the puck.  

It sucks the game had to end because of a high sticking penalty, because at 4 on 3 the game is basically over, and it didn't take long for the Russians to score.

Early Sunday morning Tomas Plekanec, one of last standing Habs from the mid 2000's era was traded to the Maple Leafs.  I have no idea why we are trading within the division but getting a 2nd round pick in return is promising.  The Habs also pick up Kerby Rychel for the Laval Rocket and Rinat Valiev for the Rocket.  For now the Leafs have won the deal, until the draft at least.  

Now that the olympics have officially ended I can focus once again on the tank down the stretch, not that I want to think about hockey in Montreal this year.  This week features another battle with the Flyers, a home and home with the feisty Islanders and a weird 5 PM in Boston on Saturday night.

Is it time for March Madness yet?           



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