Lets Re Visit The Best Hockey Coach Ever....Jack Frost

The year is 1998 and a local kid from Colorado is stinking up his hockey team.  To make matters worse, his dad dies in a tragic car accident, and his grades are beginning to slip at school.  Charlie Frost's dreams of playing for the Avalanche are sliding away faster than....well....faster than an avalanche.  

That is until his dad, Jack, miraculously comes back to life in the form of a SNOWMAN!  Get it?  Jack Frost?

Moving on.

In order to bond with his son they spend sometime on the secret pond where Charlie goes to cry.  It is on this pond that magic happens.  It is on this pond, that the legend says, one of the greatest hockey players of all time got his game back.  Charlie Frost, for the first time in his life is introduced to the J Shot. 

The J Shot (which is basically just a half clapper) changes the hockey world forever.  

Charlie Frost gets back his mojo with his new move learned from Coach Frost and re joins his team.  In his first game back Charlie pots a beauty goal.  Arms and wrist, straight, but relaxed. The move helps his team win their first game of the season. 

Legend has it that Charlie went onto score 150 goals that season with his J shot move.  

After moving north to play junior hockey, Charlie, at the age of 18 decided he needed to change his name to something a little less boyish.

Charlie Frost changed his name that year to Sidney Crosby.....and the rest is hockey history.

Congrats on your 400th goal Sid, 400 beauty J shots. 

Sidney Crosby with his Dad in 1997 learning the J Shot.


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