I'm Joining The Movement To Boycott The NHL

I'm joining the social media movement to make a point of not watching NHL games during the Winter Olympics.   The NHL players have no reason not to be their representing their country, and that's all I'm saying on the topic.

I'm fully behind the boys we are sending, and will ONLY watch their hockey games until the end of the month.

Canada's women's team kicks things off Sunday morning at 7 AM (et) to play Russia in their first Round Robin game. 

Canada plays the USA in women's hockey on Valentines Day at 10:10 AM. 

The men kick things off a week from today at 7:10 AM against Switzerland.  Then again Friday at 10:10 AM against the Czec Republic. 

The women's quarter finals begin next Friday/Saturday. 

Canada plays South Korea (OMG) at 7:10 AM Sunday Feb 18th. 

The Women's Semi Finals will be on Family Day with the Mens quarters beginning Tuesday/Wednesday that week.  

The women's gold game will be Thursday Feb 22 at 7:10 AM while the mens semi's will go on Friday the 23rd.  

The kicker here is that the Mens Gold Medal game will be played at 1:10 AM on Sunday Feb 25, which is usually my bed time on a Saturday night.  No idea how to maneuver this one.  The game will end around 3:30-4:00 AM.  Could be a long night Canada.  Unless you live on the West Coast.      

It's the best time to be a sports fan, Winter Olympics are on! 



We are fucked