I Can't Come Up With A Don't Look Now Team Of The Week, So This Week We Are Going With The Utah Jazz

Oh baby we are stretching things out a bit this week!

I could have picked Boston, but they have been hot forever.  

I could have picked Nashville, but I'm still angry about last week's Mike Fisher out of no where announcement. 

So I'm jumping ship and heading to the West of the NBA and signaling out the 10th place Utah Jazz.  

Currently the Jazz are on a 6 game winning streak, and have won 8 of their last 10 games.  

They are coming off a 133 point night performance against the Pelicans. Their next game is against Memphis, so we are safe to say a 7 game winning streak is right around the corner.  

Donovan Mitchell is averaging 19.3 points a game for the Jazz, far from superstar status, but maybe enough to help his team into a playoff spot come April. 

Also in NBA news, the Raptors KILLED The Celtics last night, and the Cavs blew a TWENTY ONE POINT LEAD to lose to the Magic.

God things are looking good in the NBA!   



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