Are We Going To Have Canada vs. Not Russia But Russia For Gold?

First, to the United States of America:


What a horrible showing from the Americans.  

Russia, but not Russia, KILLED Norway.

Canada took way too many penalties and somehow snuck by Finland to keep the medal streak alive.

The favorite Swedes got upset by the Germans and are now somehow out.

Does this set up a dream match up Saturday night?  Russia should be able to beat the Czecs, they have arguably been the best team in the tournament so far.

Can Canada beat Germany?  In what weird world is that even a sentence?   

Canada vs. Russia on Saturday night would be epic.  Mind you it sucks that it will not be best on best, but the story lines the media will create leading up to the 11 PM EST game will be awesome. 

Tonight's Women's Final will be awesome too.   Too bad it's being played on a Wednesday night....



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