Are The Penguins Playing So Well Because Crosby Skated With This Kid?

Imagine getting up early, your in Mont Tremblant, it's a cold January morning, and you decide to go for a skate on an outdoor rink.  The idea of it gives me chills.  

I was lucky enough to play golf in Tremblant this summer, and it was spectacular. It's about an hour too far for me to be a frequent visitor, but it is one of the great places to visit in Canada.

So this AA hockey player goes out onto the ice and who comes out for an early morning skate as well? Sid the Kid! 

I cannot even imagine how I would react throwing the biscuit around with one of the greatest players of all time.  It must have been an incredible moment for him.

Once in awhile you have to appreciate the good news stories out there, and this is one to enjoy today.  

However the one secret in all this is Crosby's girlfriend was with him.  Not to go all TMZ but you never hear about Crosby outside of hockey.  

McDavid's relationship with some TO chick is pretty public, but we never get any Crosby inside info.  Just saying.  



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