NHL All Star Recap

How about those Team Pacific unis?
All in all I think we can agree that All Star Weekend was a dud this year every year.

Friday night the fans at home were given nothing, when in the past we had a fantasy draft or live music with the players.  I'm not sure who is really responsible for doing away with Friday night, probably both the league and PA, but it needs to come back to sell the game.  Also, I never seem to have plans the last Friday night in January and I need to be entertained. 

Saturday night's skills competition was probably one of the worst ones in years.  Did they even declare a winner at the end?  They started strong with the fastest skater, but then everything after that was horrible.  Do people in the States even get the Skills Competition on tv?  I remember as a kid this used to be the highlight of All Star Weekend.  Even just a few short years ago you had Subban dressing up as Jagr, but the players seemed ready to be over with it. 

I had low expectations going into the All Star game on Sunday, and then I remembered that it was a 3 on 3 tournament.   The first game was a dud unless you're a fan of fancy passing.  Game 2 was slightly better, mostly because we get to see Ovie/Crosby, Eichel/Matthews play on the same lines head to head.  

I don't think it's a surprise that Pacific won this thing. They dominated the Atlantic in the final game, and I have to admit it was actually watchable for most of the game, I guess the million dollar prize is something the NHL did right.

Fittingly the Habs only had Carey Price at the All Star game, the one guy who needed the weekend off if the Habs are ever going to win a game again this season.  From my perspective, thank god he was there.  Tanks on!




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