I'm Watching The Game Tonight Out Of Respect For The Rivalry

The Habs are going to get killed tonight, not shocking news to anyone.  The Bruins are riding a 14 game point streak into tonight's game.  The Habs are riding one of these:

Out of respect for the rivalry however I'm going to watch this game tonight.  AND out of respect for the rivalry I will be rooting for the Habs to win this game.  AND with that being said I have a major announcement to make....

The Tank Is Hereby On Hold Until Friday Night.

Tonight isn't about getting two points, it's about beating the Bruins and hoping something happens to renew a rivalry that is suffering a lack of drama.  When a team stinks nobody wants to a rival with that team, it's boring.  When the Bruins stunk it was meh, and the MANY years the Leafs stunk that rivalry was meh too.  

Lets reflect on gifts from our past as we head into tonight's Wednesday Night Rivalry game.  Go Habs Go....



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