I Was Right And I'm Here To Gloat

After yesterdays claim that Jeff Petry should be scratched instead of Jordie Benn, Petry goes out and has the lowest plus/minus rating on the team once again.


The tank is on so hard right now!  We may never see Weber's foot again, Shaw has a mysterious lower body injury, and Danault really has no good reason to even try to return to hockey this season.  

At this point I think it's time for Carey to have a mysterious injury as well.  I feel bad for Mete having to come back and play on such a pathetic team.  

This is my last Habs blog this week.  It's pointless talking about them.  Besides it's Superbowl Week and I haven't blogged any Pats hype yet.

On a totally unrelated note today is the one day of the year you cannot bash on Bell.  It's Bell Lets Talk Day.  



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