I Think I'm Addicted to HQ Trivia

I heard about this app a couple of weeks ago.  Naturally, thought the whole concept was dumb, which it is, but for some reason I kept playing.

Every night 9 PM rolls around and I get that notification and it's go time!  The next 20 minutes of my life are dedicated to a game that is destined to crash and burn hard by Spring.

The furthest I have gotten is question 7.  You have to get 12 questions correct to a have shot at $2000, but in reality you are probably going to win $15.  The catch is that you have to get to a balance of $20 in 90 days in order to cash out.  If you get all 12 questions right, win $19.99, and you don't win again in 90 days then no money for you.  So how much money is HQ really giving away?

Somehow about 1 million people tune into this app each night, which is more people than most tv shows.   

As long as the Habs are stinking and I'm avoiding games I'll be using this app.

Habs and Avs tonight on TSN 2.  I'm giving thanks that nobody has TSN 2.  Nathan Mackinnon eat your heart out. 



We are fucked