Well, That Was Unexpected... (Updated)

I feel awful for this guy.  He's the epitome of the saying "so close, yet so far".  He was a great quarterback, a clutch quarterback in some sense, but he threw way too many INT and lost way too many first round matchups in the playoffs.  He had great numbers, but he could never get it done on the field. 

In 2006 he had an amazing entrance to the NFL, he was a bullet, a god in Dallas, only to have the season end like this:

In 2012 when the Cowboys fell to the Redskins in the final game of the season and missed the playoffs I won a lot of money, so that was pretty nice.  Thanks for that Tony. 

Then 2016 happened.  Dak Prescott happened.  And despite a mini return the greatest loser ever(?) he vanished from the NFL spotlight with his retirement today. 

Long live Tony Romo, a quarterback worthy of a career in the city of Buffalo Dallas. 



We are fucked