UFC 210 Co-Main Event Recap

The UFC finally held a numbered event last night in Buffalo, and it was a stinker.  I only watched the co-main event fights and both were an extreme let down.

Let's start with Weidman vs. Mousasi

So Mousasi landed two knees to the head of Weidman.  The ref then called the knees illegal until a further close up review showed that the two knees to the head WERE legal.  Thus leading to a 5 minute time out where Joe Rogan, knower of all knowledge, screamed "THAT'S A LEGAL KNEE....WHY ISN'T THIS FIGHT OVER" literally about 20 times in 5 minutes.  Eventually the doctors stopped the fight before it could resume as Weidman basically had his forehead smashed in.  Then during the post fight interviews Rogan has the audacity to call out the ref once again, after he just got done blasting him for the past 5 minutes.  It was one of the weirdest ends to a fight I have ever seen.  Also, I really can't stand Joe Rogan.

In the main event things got weird too.  Cormier vs. Johnson

So Johnson basically gave up in this fight.  Which made sense during his post fight interview when he decided to retire from the UFC.  Who retires from the UFC after a championship fight?  What if he had won the fight?  Luckily that was never in question as he seemed disinterested right from the start of the fight.  

The joke online is that Buffalo finally saw a championship...but did they really?  Once again the city of Buffalo gets a stinker.

Oh, and Happy Masters Sunday everyone. 



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