Sundays Are For Sports Recap 3

Kind of a slow day in the sporting world eh?

  1. Russell Westbrook got a triple double.  Is this still news?

2.  We had a condom on the field at the Brewers game...

3.  A big UFC fight was announced...finally a fight to look forward too:

4.  Around 4:30 PM I switched my focus over to Augusta.  Having bets on both Rose and Garcia felt like:

5. Smart Kid.  Didn't win this year, but 3 years and in the top 11 each time is solid.  With a green jacket of course. 

6.  Meanwhile, once again...I was loving this day...

7. The Mariners and the Cavs both blew huge leads at the end of their games.

8. Shortly after 7 PM Sergio had a chance to win the Masters.....and nope!

9. Meanwhile this guy is just loving it!

10. Eventually though the lovable loser gets it done!  Sergio Garcia is your 2017 Masters Champion. 



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