So Now We Know This Stuff Can Actually Happen...

LUCKNOW, India — Indian police are reviewing reports of missing children to try to identify a girl who was found living in a forest with a group of monkeys.

Link to story: 

So basically this girl was found living in the forest with a group of monkeys.  She wasn't able to talk, and ate food exactly like a monkey.  When a logging company discovered the girl and tried to rescue her the monkeys chased them away.  When the police did the same it turned into what I can only imagine will be recreated in a movie someday....possibly with trees exploding and monkeys with machine guns....just because.  

Now this poor girl has to adjust to real life which is the worst.  She has no life skills and is already about 11 years old.  This whole story is so insane its hard to believe something like this can even happen. 

Nobody has won in this story.  



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