Boston vs. Toronto OR Toronto vs. Ottawa

Who you got?

The media wants the Battle of Ontario.  Hockey fans want Boston to head north for a playoff series against the Leafs.  

Tonight won't solve much as Boston battles Tampa Bay.  If Boston wins and the Sens fall to the Red Wings, Ottawa will still have a game in hand over the Bruins.  So temporarily tonight is sort of huge for the standings, sorta.

My prediction?  Red Wings win, Captials win, and Boston wins.  Ottawa sits in the last playoff spot at the end of the night.

I really wish we could jump ahead to the weekend and get focused on what should be at least an awesome month of hockey ahead.  And the Masters.

We know Montreal is taking on the Rangers.  Stats say Rangers will win in 7.  The matchup says the Habs will win in 5.  If anyone wants to provide AngryHockeyFans with a media pass to the first round that would be swell. 

Any takers?



We are fucked