Are the Toronto Maple Leafs Missing The 2017 Playoffs?

The short answer, not likely.  

The Leafs have two games left, the Lightning only have one game left.

The Lightning are drawing the feisty Sabres in their final game of the season on Sunday, but I really think the Lightning are going to win. 

So that leaves the Leafs needing at least 1 point, possibly two.  Can they do that with only two games left against two of the best teams in the East?


Both the Blue Jackets and the Penguins will be resting a ton of players before the playoffs start next Wednesday.  If the Leafs lose both games they deserve to be out of the playoffs.

If the Leafs aren't playing the Senators in the first round I don't want them in the playoffs.  Same goes for the real media.  

Really hope it all comes down to tomorrow.  Classic Leafs. 



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