This Is It

Tonight and this afternoon will be an outright cluster&@$^.  I can't even begin to try to calculate who we are going to end up playing in the first round.  If we lose tonight it will be the Leafs, simple as that.  If we win and Boston loses their game to Washington then things will get interesting tomorrow night in the finale game of Ottawa vs Boston.  So basically win for drama and lose to play the Leafs.   My heart says lose and sweep the Leafs out in the first round for what would be revenge for every Saturday night game of my childhood living in Ontario.  My sensible self says win and end up playing an easier team seeded way lower than us.  It is going to be an interesting 40 hours ahead.  Oh, and if we draw the Sens in the first round I'd be all over some tickets, so kinda hoping for that too.

Gametime is 7PM on CBC.

Go Habs Go!


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