We're Backk

Not Signed!
Since we left in April a lot has changed with the Montreal Canadiens organization.  Well, actually, pretty much everything has changed.  Even Markov is apparently healthy again.  For all you older brothers out there you may have to explain who he is to your younger brother.  It's been a few years, like half a decade really....

Things are looking up right now for our beloved habs this season.  I mean it's mid-january and we are undefeated, that's pretty sick.  Scott Gomez just got bought out this morning by the Habs, which may set a hefty record for biggest pay cheque for doing nothing, since the New York Islanders moved to Brooklyn in order to hide from Yashin's agent.

Saturday January 19th at the Bell Centre is the big night!  One more week of weeknights with the wife, eye on the prize guys, you're almost there.




This Is It

Iron Man 3 Is Awesome, So Are The Habs