TV Dinner Night

Now with traces of real meat!

Go out to your deep freezer tonight at about 5 PM.  Reach your arm in deep, deeper, there you go you've got it!  In all it's glory, shining at you in that blue box, covered in chucks of ice from years gone by.  It's a Swanson, and they were made for nights like this.

Your Montreal Canadiens are taking on Marty and the Devils in the Bell tonight at 6 PM.  Again, I think the schedule maker has forgotten what time zone Montreal is actually in.  Regardless, we will watch.

The four big headlines you need to know before you watch this game are:

  1. Gionta vs Gionta
  2. Max Pacioretty's flu like symptoms exploded into a month away from hockey last night
  3. Marty Brodeur is probably going to get a shut-out tonight, minus his Dad being there. 
  4. PK hasn't signed yet.

For all your Devils pre-game coverage visit  In Lou We Trust

Oh, & best to have some antacids ready to go for tonight at about 10 PM.



We are fucked