Get Er' Done Subban

Where's my money?
Does P.K. Subban’s contract negotiations remind anyone else of American politics?  Taking forever to come to a deal, the high probability of a solution before the deadline, extensive media coverage, & also being the only black man in the negotiating room?  Sounds like a familiar story to me.

Part of the problem is that Subban is so young, what leverage does he have in these talks?  He’s not a star-studded defenseman, and the jury is out on whether or not he will ever reach that level of talent and ability in the nhl.  So why the long contract negotiations?  I can only imagine what his teammates must think of all this.  Real team guy, such passion for the game.

I can understand a veteran player holding out of training camp to sign a deal, but someone at P.K.’s age shouldn’t be so picky with his contract.  The kid should be happy to be an nhl player, not still be sitting in meetings over how much money he is going to make because of it.  

Is this the new breed of player that we are going to have to deal with in the future? One who whines and complains about what’s in his contract?  Will training camp be replaced by a bunch of whiney players who don’t want to give a little extra effort before the season starts?

If Subban was smart he’d get this deal done tomorrow so that by puck drop on Saturday the habs and leafs are grabbing headlines, not headlines grabbing P.K.     



We are fucked