Wednesday Night Blues

The Lake= Endless Playoff Possibilities
The Dead Tree= The Montreal Canadiens Season 
Did we really just skip spring?

The temperatures are well above 20c, people are out riding their bikes and roller blading in parks, and the Montreal Canadiens are finished for the season.  All of these should be tell-a-tale signs that summer is here, unfortunately, that is not the case.

If that is not a big enough slap in the face, tonight the Habs play Buffalo....yeah, not that exciting.  It would take a solid 6 pack, and some decent wagers to even get me interested in following tonights game.

It's so bad that TSN-Habs isn't picking up the action tonight.  If you want to watch it, it's RDS French or nothing.

This blows, not that there is anything wrong with French....

In the meantime you can watch a possible Stanley Cup Final in the Rangers vs Red Wings on TSN2 tonight.  Or, if they don't get you going, Vancouver is playing Chicago on TSNs Wednesday night hockey.  Both in the mother tongue by the way.

Why can't we be playing any four of these teams tonight??  I don't care how badly the Habs get beaten anymore, heck as I watch the games in flip flops and shorts I'm usually cheering for the other team.

Just imagine it, beer in hand, Habs jersey on, shorts and flip flops, it feels like playoff time.  Montreal is taking on Patrick Kane, or Pavel Datsyuk, or Brad Richards, or the Sedins.  Losing never felt so beautiful! But instead we get to take on Tyler Myers, Tyler Ennis, and Cody Hodgson.  Let's hope Ennis plays like he did last week, and if we're lucky, we might just lose this pointless game tonight.



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