Pros & Cons Of Crosby's Return

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A couple days ago it was speculated that superstar forward, Sidney Crosby, would be returning to action as early as Sunday afternoon.  This made Canadian hockey personalties go crazy, and left fans making some big decisions with their fantasy hockey rosters.

Among all of the positive things Crosby brings to the game, there is also a handful of negative.  I think it's important that we examine both the pros, and cons of Sidney Crosby's return to the NHL.

As always, I've prepared a quick list of these pros and cons to break down Crosby's long awaited return to the game:

Pro: With Crosby back in the lineup for the Pens, they're sure to make a deep run into the playoffs this year.
Con: Having to see close up, HD shots of Crosby's upper lip for two months in April & May.

Pro: Having one of the most entertaining and talented players in the league back on your tv making huge plays.
Con: Having one of the most entertaining and talented players in the league back on your tv selling you coffee, equipment, shoes, bread, and gatorade during every intermission.

Pro: Watching our Olympic hero get back out on the ice and take his first shift in the Black & Gold.
Con: Being distracted while Crosby is on the ice because NBC has replaced their 'shift clock' timer with a 'hit to the head' counter for Crosby shifts.

Pro: It's always great to see such a classy guy return from injury and get back into the game he loves.
Con: As you read all of this, he probably just scored two goals against your favourite team.  Note if you are a Maple Leafs fan multiple this number by an additional two.  

Pro: Being able to once again take in the magic and sick moves that Crosby brings to the ice every game.
Con: Having this magic ruined when Pierre Mcguire turns it into some sort of strange sexual fantasy.

Pro: Sales of Crosby jerseys are almost guaranteed to rise which is great for the NHL and the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Con: You cannot exchange your Jeff Carter Blue Jackets jersey for a Crosby jersey.


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