Richard Can Finally Drink In Ontario

The Pocket Rocket in 1971.  Age: 8 Years Old
Today marks the 19th (76th) birthday of Habs legend and icon, Henri Richard.  It's safe to assume he'll be getting hammered for the first time tonight in an Ontario strip club.

Henri was born on this day in 1936, in the heart of the city where he spent his entire NHL career.  For some it's a dream, in todays hockey culture of Montreal, it's a nightmare. 

Henri lived in the shadow of his older brother, Maurice, and was known as "The Pocket Rocket" throughout his long NHL career.  

However, Henri achieved some feats that not even "The Rocket" could achieve in his playing career.  Henri led the league in assists, twice, and has won 11 Stanley Cups (more than any other player in NHL history).

Arguably his greatest moment was scoring the overtime goal in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 1966.  

Today this type of goal is known as a "Pat Kane."  Though I assure you the radio broadcasters in 1966 would react to a Stanley Cup winning goal faster.

He scored 1046 points over the course of his long NHL career in Montreal.  He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1979, and has been listed by The Hockey News as one of top 50 greatest players of all time.  Something none of the current roster will ever have to worry about.       

So happy birthday, Richard. When you turn 21 in 2020 we'll make sure the Canadiens give you an all inclusive trip to Las Vegas: more strippers, more booze, more legendary nights with a 'wolf pack' of imortal heros.




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