Randy Cunneyworth's Link To Homer Simpson

Well, the Habs playoff hopes are beginning to look as likely as an Alexei Yashin appreciation night in Ottawa.  

The flu bug has hit the Habs dressing room hard, and that means any chance of sliding into 8th place is nearly impossible.    

After another devastating lose last night to the Dallas Stars, I thought it might be timely to look at Randy Cunneyworth's adventure as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens.

Since it's the middle of the work week, and nobody wants to read more than they have to, I think an interpretive video might suffice. 

For the sake of simplicity, we'll go with the Simpsons.  

- The role of Pierre Gauthier will be played by: Lisa Simpson

- The role of Randy Cunneyworth will be played by: Homer Simpson

- The role of the Montreal Canadiens roster will be played by: The BBQ

- The role of the Detroit Red Wings will be played by: 'The Perfect BBQ'

- The role of helpless spectator/ Montreal Canadien fan will be played by: Bart & Marge Simpson


Winger19 said…
The Red Wings are beyond the perfect BBQ at this point.

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