Other Crazy Eklund Trade Rumours

"If The Greatest Player In History Can Be Traded, Then
You'll Believe Any Rumor I Come Up With" ~ Eklund 
There has been lots of speculation online in the past week as the NHL trade deadline is less than 72 hours away.

GM’s are putting together last minute deals to get their clubs ready for the playoffs, while others are ensuring they have picks to re-structure through the draft.  

No matter what position your team may be in over the next 72 hours one thing remains constant for any fan, the rumors.

Since the blogging world and Twitter world gained popularity there have been a number of new ‘NHL Insiders’, who offer insight into the rumors they are hearing from their sources.  One of the most popular, and hated, ‘Insiders’ on the internet is Eklund.  

I’m not here to say whether he is right, or wrong the majority of the time, but I will say he has been the voice of some crazy rumor speculation online for years.

With the deadline set for Monday at 3, and the GM’s phones sure to be going off the hook for the next few days, lets examine some of  Eklund’s OTHER crazy trade rumors:

“I’m hearing from a number of sources that the LA Kings have acquired star Jeff Carter from the Blue Jackets, in what appears to be a blockbuster deal!  In return, the city of Columbus has acquired the wife of every LA Kings player.” 

“I’m almost ready to confirm that the Ottawa Senators have made a deal.  The speculation is that Nick Foligno has been traded in exchange for a used DeLoren from the 80’s, in the hopes of going back in time to draft Chris Pronger, and trade Wade Redden.” 

“This trade is a bit crazy, and I’m having a difficult time sorting it out.  It appears Kyle Quincey is now a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning.”  
5 Minutes Later:
“This just in! Kyle Quincey is actually now a member of the Detroit Red Wings.”
10 Minutes Later:
“My sources are telling me that Kyle Quincey has been traded back to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for nothing, ignore previous tweets.”  

“Andrei Kostitsyn’s talent has dwindled this season, and Montreal is looking to get someone back in return with an equal talent level or a bit above.  That is why my sources have been texting me all morning saying Gauthier is working out a deal that sends Andrei Kostitsyn to the New York Islanders in exchange for the guy who designed the Islanders 3rd jersey’s.”

“This one is the biggest trades in NHL history!  The Montreal Canadiens have just traded away their entire defensive core in a package deal!  Coming back to Montreal in exchange is a collection of Chicago street poles, for their outstanding ability to stop NHL forwards.” 



We are fucked