I Thought You Were Back?

Okay, maybe I picked a terrible time to come back to blogging.

My commute to work for the last 3.5 years has been a 500 M walk down the street.  I rarely run into any other people during this walk, and have the luxury of arriving at the exact moment I need to everyday.

This week I was shuttled off to "training" and had a 35 minute commute. While this greatly increased my podcast listening time, it took away from the joys of having spare time to throw up a blog.

Tonight is the second half of a home and home with I guess our biggest rivals of late the Ottawa Senators.  Drouin dropped this little bit of shade yesterday after practice and I love it!  You can tell the Habs dressing room is 1000% better place to be this season, and who expected playoff potential from this team that was projected to finish last.  

Tonight is a big game for the Sens.  If they win, they can get themselves into the playoff hunt down the stretch into the Christmas season.  If they lose they sit 6 points back from the Habs.  

Thinking back to the grind of last season, our holiday game against the Florida Panthers was the moment I gave up on the team.  

I think much like that game, tonight could be a pivotal point in the Senators season.  

If they give us 2 points tonight in their own barn things could spiral really quickly in Ottawa.  I mean, can this team get any "lower"?

So let's sit back and enjoy that.




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